Coffee anyone?

Picture of a nice cup of coffeeIf you like coffee and you live in Nepal, there’s nothing like a good cup of Nepali coffee. The best way to make good coffee is with a multi-thousand dollar machine with a trained barista at the helm. That’s alright if you are running a café or have lots of cash, and have electricity at the same time as your thirst for coffee. If you don’t, then the second best way is to use a stove-top espresso pot. It’s so much better than a paper filter, French press or old sock and much more satisfying to make.

Picture of a moka pot for making espresso

A coffee pot looking shiny

And you don’t need Lavazza, Illy, Kaldi or other fancy coffee. Jalpa Gold, Johnny Gurkha Blend or Nepali Organic coffee are all worth trying.

Here to the right is a picture of a coffee pot modelling in a studio.

Look at some of the commerically available coffee’s available in Nepal and give your feedback. Get tips on how to make good coffee, and, of course, go out and buy a coffee pot today!

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