Coffee tasting, 30th July 2011, Sanepa, Kathmandu

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We are promoting Nepali coffee by arranging a coffee tasting event next Saturday (30/7). By simply raising the standards we want to create an awareness about good coffee and see how the Nepali Highland coffee stands up!

My request to you is that if you can, please print a few of this .pdf file and post it in your office area for some people in your group who might be interested in learning more about coffee by tasting and watching our roasting demonstration.

We will have two sessions in the afternoon in which Dr. Dale Nafziger (from Top of The World Coffee) and I, Per Zetterberg will talk and demonstrate and serve coffee in a hands-on fashion. Feel free to neglect this request if you find it annoying.

All information attached in the file. If you have any questions please feel free to email or call me.


Warm regards Per (Prem) Zetterberg
CEO Nepal Face to Face Resort
01-5528688 or 9808838447

Coffee Tasting Event 2011-07-30-small

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