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Caring for your coffee pot so that it loves you back

Posted in How to make good coffee on February 18th, 2010 by admin – 6 Comments
  • When you buy a new Moka pot you should throw the first two or three batches of coffee away. To season the new pot well it’s best if you leave the brewed coffee in it for one whole day before you discard it.
  • Wash the Moka pot by hand with plain water. Do not use any detergents or sopas and do not scrub it. Just use a soft cloth, sponge or your fingers. The oils from the coffee coat the insides and give a better flavour apparently.
  • Dry the parts with soft cloth before storing and do not store the Moka pot assembled.
  • When you leave your Moka pot unused for a long time, the oily layer may become yukky. If that happens just put in water with a bit of detergent and boil it on the stove top for a while. Then wash it thoroughly. This should remove the rancid oils.
  • Don’t ever overheat the pot (by forgetting about it on the stove) because you might damage the rubber seal inside and then you’re in trouble.
  • When emptying used coffee from the basket, don’t knock the basket on a hard surface as it may damage its shape – then it may not seal properly and the pot could stop working.

So many instructions! But all simple really. Be nice to the pot, be nice to your coffee and they will be nice to you.