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Exciting video of person making espresso coffee

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We’ve been on the web here looking for tips and tricks about making good coffee. If you are not into reading, this short and exciting video shows how to use one of these things to get nice coffee in your cup.

Some people recommend the following:

  • Turn the gas heat right down (or off) when the coffee first starts to come through). When the water is already boiling inside, it needs less heat to finish the job.
  • When 2/3s of the coffee is through, take the coffee pot off of the heat and serve immediately – this is the best part of the espresso. If you wait until it is full and are serving in more than one cup, stir briefly with a spoon before serving. This mixes the weakest last part in with the strongest first part.

Which coffee to use with a coffee pot?

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Some more (paraphrased) wise words on storing and using coffee:

  • …coffee (especially when pre-ground) is highly perishable and will maintain its optimal flavour and taste for just a few days at best [though tightly sealing and storing in the fridge help a lot]
  • Whole beans will be OK for 10 to 15 days if you store them in a cool place, away from light and moisture. Pre-ground may last 3 to 7 days max under the same conditions, as more of the surface comes into contact with air. …you can safely store it in the refrigerator to slow the ageing process further.
  • Best to buy the correct pre-ground rather than try grinding at home unless you have a good grinder. Most simple grinders can’t grind fine enough. That said, if you have freshly, freshly roasted beans, then this will be better than some old pre-ground coffee
  • Freshly roasted coffee should smell as such when you open the bag. Trust your nose, not what the manufactures say!

More tips on making good coffee

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There’s much more art required to get espresso right using a moka than there is in using an idiot-proof espresso machine, but that only makes a successful end-result more enjoyable!

Says someone on this site. To summarise their tips:

  • For very best results, freshly grind your coffee beans just before making espresso if possible – whatever method you’re using. The oils that give coffee its complex flavours deteriorate rapidly in contact with air, and are best kept locked inside the beans until just before coffee-making. Invest in a little bean-grinder if you can. Otherwise, keep ground coffee well-sealed until use.

Actually go to the site and read the article, it’s good … See here: