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Johnny Gurkha Blend coffee

Posted in Which coffee is best? on March 3rd, 2010 by admin – 12 Comments

Picture of a Johnny Gurkha Blend Coffee packThis comes highly recommened. I don’t have the technical words to describe its flavour etc. But it is rounded, not bitter and perfect for making in a coffee pot. Go buy some!

Review of Nepali coffee

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I am trying to find some independent reviews of Nepali / Nepalese coffee on the web and so far I have not done too well. Here are two.

Lalitpur Coffee (Nepal)

Insiders count Lalitpur-coffee among the premium provenances in Nepal. Lalitpur is an excellently processed Coffee with a distinct unique character. Its growing area, some 40 kilometers South of Kathmandu, ranges from 800 to 1600 m.a.s.l. and comprises 8 cooperatives dedicated to organic shade. The year 2008 harvest resulted in 25 tons of Arabica, mainly exported to the U.S and Japan. When cupping a medium profile roast we were thrilled by the medium body, an unexpected aroma of nuts and rose water, and short but intense tangy highlight in a great lingering after-taste.


And, talking about coffee supplied by Himalayan Java:

Perhaps most remarkable attribute of this coffee is its fragrance. Unroasted, the green coffee effuses jasmine and sweet tobacco notes. Stunningly so.

Read all of the review here:

Have not found too many more reviews (none) but these two at least show the promise held in the hills of Nepal. Maybe it is time for a coffee tasting festival here in Kathmandu.