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Johnny Gurkha Blend coffee

Posted in Which coffee is best? on March 3rd, 2010 by admin – 12 Comments

Picture of a Johnny Gurkha Blend Coffee packThis comes highly recommened. I don’t have the technical words to describe its flavour etc. But it is rounded, not bitter and perfect for making in a coffee pot. Go buy some!

Coffee crusade

Posted in blog on February 20th, 2010 by admin – 6 Comments

This ‘coffee crusader’ was recently (today) featured in the Nepali Times.

Bull has just introduced the macchinetta, also known as the caffettiera, moka pot, or simply the coffee pot, to Kathmandu. His mission: to change the way we drink coffee. “A lot of coffee served is not good,” he says. “It’s bitter, flavourless, burnt, chemical, too strong, too watery, served in buckets, old, cold…”

Bull says this, Bull says that. Don’t listen to Bull is all I can advise.

There was also another article which talks nicely about the development of the coffee growing (and coffee drinking) industry in Nepal.

I am sure there are reviews of different types of (Nepali) coffee brands around, but in an effort to make an updated, democratic version, I hearby launch reviews of different types of coffee available in Kathmandu. And the reviewer is you!