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Exciting video of person making espresso coffee

Posted in How to make good coffee on February 17th, 2010 by admin – 13 Comments

We’ve been on the web here looking for tips and tricks about making good coffee. If you are not into reading, this short and exciting video shows how to use one of these things to get nice coffee in your cup.

Some people recommend the following:

  • Turn the gas heat right down (or off) when the coffee first starts to come through). When the water is already boiling inside, it needs less heat to finish the job.
  • When 2/3s of the coffee is through, take the coffee pot off of the heat and serve immediately – this is the best part of the espresso. If you wait until it is full and are serving in more than one cup, stir briefly with a spoon before serving. This mixes the weakest last part in with the strongest first part.